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Plus-size Makeup Tips & Tricks 💄

Makeup. It has been around forever and is probably one of the most evolved industries in the world. Techniques have changed, brands have progressed, and representation has been…trying. Have you ever wanted to try out a makeup look but decided not to, for fear of not pulling it off all because of your size? 

Although plus women aren’t at the center of many makeup campaigns, there has been a spike in inclusivity over the years and for that, it is appreciated. It’s so easy to beat ourselves up over not looking like the girls we see on Youtube or Instagram, but it is such an unrealistic expectation to have for ourselves. Instead of forcing ourselves to fit into our society’s arbitrary confines of beauty standards, let’s focus on how we can flip the script and dominate in our lane! They gonna be hating from outside of the club & they can’t even get in 😂 Let’s get into it, shall we?

Let’s talk about having a good BASE. Is your skin oily? Dry? Acne prone? Sensitive? A combination type? These are things you NEED to know in order to have your look maintain its star power. Always wash your face before applying makeup & after your skin routine, apply a PRIMER that’s fit for your skin type. I have sensitive, combination skin, so what I do is apply a MATTE, PORE BLURRING primer in my T-zone, & apply a MOISTURIZING primer to the rest of my face for seamless application. It is imperative that you start with a CLEAN face in order to avoid trapping dirt and oils into your pores! That’s not cute! Getting to know your skin is the key to an application that will last you through the day.

Now, let’s move on to FOUNDATION. Does your skin tone have a red undertone? Is it yellow? Brands have now released a wide range of shades for you to choose from so it’s best to swatch them in-store before making your purchase. I realize you can test the shade out online now as well, using your front-facing camera but, let’s be honest, It be looking the same every shade and it’s inaccurate, so if you can, drive on down to Ulta or Sephora, sis.

HIGHLIGHTING & CONTOURING, my FAVORITE. In order to do this step correctly, you gotta know your face shape. There are six main face types, ROUND face shape (which I have), SQUARE face shape, DIAMOND/ TRIANGLE face shape, HEART face shape, OVAL/OBLONG face shape, and RECTANGLE face shape. This will determine where you place your highlight and contour. Speaking for my round face & what works for most of the curvy queens, I use a concealer that is 1-2 shades LIGHTER than my foundation. I apply it under my eyes, middle of my forehead, down the bridge of my nose, and on my chin. This brightens up the MIDDLE of my face and brings out my best features. Apply a contour that’s 1-2 shades DARKER than your foundation and apply it to the hollows of your face where there are natural shadows. Apply from your hairline into the hollow of your cheek about 2 inches, and where your jaw hinges. It’s important to not take the product too far, not to use too much & to BLEND!!!!! That’s the KEY to this makeup shit, y’all.

I sometimes skip out on BLUSH, but peaches and pinks in blusher tones are the best to use. Lightly apply from the cheekbones to the temple. Consider your skin tone again when choosing your HIGHLIGHTER (NOT THE SAME AS CONCEALER). Those with paler complexions should opt for sheer, champagne hues, while richer gold and rose gold are choices for darker skin tones. Apply this to where light naturally hits your face. On your brow bone, the inner corner of your eyes, then down around your temple and across the top of your cheekbone in a C shape. Dab a tiny amount down the bridge and button of your nose and finish with a dot on the cupid’s bow. Blend thoroughly.

Here’s a more detailed diagram on PLACEMENT:

Concealer, contour and blush for different female face shapes.

These techniques give your face depth and shape under different lighting. If you love your cheekbones, go ahead and show them off.

Let’s get into the make or break of the face, EYEBROWS. Start by grooming & shaping them the best you can. This will make it easier for you to fill them in and have a better application process for your product whether it be pomade or powder. I HIGHLY recommend brow pomades for that clean, defined arch. To clean up and brighten your lids, use concealer when you’re done to achieve the perfect shape.


The windows to the soul! Let your EYES give you attitude & personality. The skies, the limit when it comes to the eyes. Lid space and technique should be considered, but other than that girl, GO CRAZYYYY. Pull out the biggest, best eyeshadow pallet you have, all the eyeliners, and mascara in any color. If you want to put on wings, GO FLY!

In choosing eye makeup, keeping your skin type in mind is important, once again. If you have oily skin, go for the waterproof, smudge-proof, bleed-proof products and invest in a EYESHADOW PRIMER, apply before your shadow to achieve a more pigmented & flawless application. Experiment and practice whenever you can in order to perfect color combinations and determine which look best suits you. If you like to apply false lashes like me, consider your eye shape and how bold you want your lash to be. My personal favorites are mega-volume, wispy lashes that are generally about 15mm. Depending on how dramatic and glamorous you want your look to be.

Last but certainly not least, we got LIPS! ALWAYS apply some chapstick or petroleum jelly as a base before your lip color, we don’t do crusty lips ova on this side, babes! 💋 Depending on your mood or the occasion, finish the look with a color that really ties everything together. Learn & KNOW YOUR COLORS! Bold colors for parties and club nights, tints or mattes for a natural look, nudes for a classy and professional look, and gloss with a brown liner for your “everyday” look. I actually swear by MAC cosmetics “Chestnut” lip liner no matter what I’m doing or where I’m going. It’s the best lip liner in the history of lip liners. Remember I told you!

Now, go out there and SLAY the only way you know how sis! THE BIG GIRL WAY! 🤍


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