Welcome to the Fashion page! Let’s talk about Full-figure fashion!

Brands that ACTUALLY have a Quality Plus-Size Collection (besides SHEIN & Fashion Nova, we know they clothes cute.)

Some of these brands out here be doing the big girls sooo DIRTY! I just have to come out and say it! The clothes for the XS-L sisters be BOMB, but the clothes for the 1X-4X? WHEW CHILE. It’s giving… Little House on the Prairie and Sister Act all rolled into one. 🥴 Let’s be honest, they do this because we big and they think, “Who wanna see a big woman with all her stuff out?” right? WRONG! Just because I got a lil extra, doesn’t mean I can’t show off the beautiful creation that God handcrafted himself, Okay cause PERIODT. Why is it glorified for skinny/hourglass figure women to dress sexy, but when a big woman does it, we get dirty looks and “She too big for all that”? Baby, your uncomfortability ain’t got SHIT to do with me, #Respectfully. If I feel confident, beautiful, sexy, stunning, show-stopping, and absolutely gorgeous, in my outfit that I paid for? Guess what I’m gonna do? WEAR IT. So shove that opinion where the sun don’t shine and lets get into these brands, okay? OKAY.

  • PrettyLittleThing
    • This is a more well-known brand amongst social media & fast-fashion, but I wanted to include it because it’s more familiar and I feel like I don’t hear about it as often as I should. Prettylittlething has something for everybody! Aimed at 16-35 year olds, this brand has a wide variety. It’s owned by Boohoo Group and operates out of the UK. They have had some rapid growth over the years thanks to celebrities and Instagram, but it’s definitely deserved. The clothes are comfy, sexy, and affordable. They run true to size & usually ships within 3 days. Plus, they go up to 5X, that sounds like a winner to me!
  • Fashion to Figure
    • Focusing exclusively on women’s plus-size clothing and related accessories, Fashion to Figure is one of my go-to shops to get pieces that truly fit my body like a GLOVE. The quality is always up to par and everything from there just makes me feel so beautiful! They see fashion as a state of mind and truly put care into how clothes look on plus-size women.
    • This brand is for my sophisticated, boss ladies! The elegance and quality of this brand is truly unmatched. It’s giving…”That must be the CEO” 👀, and meanwhile, you’re the whole receptionist babes! This brand is aimed at a more mature crowd, but has the perfect clothes for a conference or you just feel like dressing up and being grown and sexy!
  • Venus
    • Specializing in dresses & swimwear, Venus is the place to go when looking for a party outfit. The retailer celebrates curves while offering a wide range of clothing, accessories, and shoe options. This brand has some amazing fall finds and will definitely be getting my money all season! You can tell that quality and value are top priority when it comes to their products! Another more mature brand, but has some pretty cool pieces that make you feel youthful.
  • Fashion Brand Company
    • Currently based out of headquarters in LA, human and lizard fashion designer Penelope Gazin is creating clothes that transcend trends, her vibe is extremely whimsical and quirky. I had no idea this brand existed till last year and let me tell you, I’m so happy I found it. The aesthetic is truly so unique and magical, It’s definitely a work of art .

There’s my list y’all, there will be more coming soon as I try new brands & let y’all know the tea!

To be continued….

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