Plus-Size Activewear: Best Brands for Curvy Girls 💪🏾

If you’re in the market for some new plus-size exercise clothes, then I made this list especially for you! Brands like Nike, Athleta, TPL Active, ASOS, Fabletics, and Adidas all know that cute and comfy workout gear should be accessible for all bodies, regardless of shape or size. Talk about a good investment! Whether you’re moving your body and twerking it out or chillin on the couch for a Netflix catchup, here are some of my favorite brands and styles that you should look out for and purchase from ASAP!

  1. TPL Active

Launch Date: TBD

To start this off, I first just wanted to give a heads up for the brand TPL Active or The Pink Line Active, since they will be launching in a few weeks, businesswoman Michel Sproles will be launching her very own line of activewear & it will include plus sizes! These styles will be comfy and her collection will offer a wide range of workout clothes and accessories.

I’ll keep you guys updated on the launch, price ranges, sizing, and more!

2. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective prides itself on being eco-friendly and as transparent as possible. They prefer their pieces to have substance and that the customers know everything about the process and making of the apparel. This site is perfect for not only activewear but basic & streetwear pieces as well. Worth shopping.

3. Nike

Nike always has a great selection of hoodies and jackets to wear on your journey to the gym or during your warmup. Businesses representing an inclusive range of customers’ appearances should feel like the norm, rather than revolutionary. But a win for a representation is still a win – especially from a hugely influential global brand like Nike. Nike has some of my top workout pieces and the fit is unmatched, definitely the leader in plus activewear.


The site is an impressive one-stop-shop of both brand-name and affordable super-stylish plus-size gym apparel. From yoga pants to comfy tracksuits, ASOS is worth a browse when you’re on the hunt for some activewear. Their colors are unique and their styles sell fast so get on it, sis!

5. Athleta

Athleta is dedicated to the process of becoming a woman and looking and feeling your best. They have risen to athleisure fame & the brand is known for its high-quality and stylish clothing designed for everything from yoga to running. They are extremely inclusive and create performance apparel to inspire healthy, active, confident women & girls.

6. Fabletics

MY FAV! Fabletics! Kate Hudson was in her BAG when she dropped this! The company operates on a membership model and is known for its e-commerce business approach and also has over 60 brick-and-mortar stores. You can become a Fabletics member to get access to exclusive discounts, or buy their products one-off. This brand is known for neons and animal prints – but hurry – styles sell out quickly!!

A Guide to Better Skin: Hyperpigmentation 🌿

Happy Friday PP Fam! Hope you guys had an amazing & productive week! I have been dealing with some skin issues with this weather change and getting adjusted to the water, and I wanted to talk about the importance of skin, and in particular, women who deal with hyperpigmentation. I have had hyperpigmentation on my face for a while now and it can sometimes be an insecurity and make me lose sight of my beauty as a person. I wanted to create this guide on what it is, how it happens, and how to deal with it. You are still beautiful with hyperpigmentation, and don’t let anyone ever tell you differently. This guide is not meant to have anyone feel like they need to fix anything, it is just simply made for people to have knowledge of what it is and if it is an insecurity for you, I hope it will inform you on how to make you feel and look even more beautiful than you already are!

Enjoy 🤍

Plus-size Dating Pt.2 – As a TikTok! 📲

I wanted to make this Wednesday’s post a little different! So I decided to create a short, 3 minute TikTok, discussing some other points on dating and also expanding on the topic of how to identify when a man is fetishizing you, sis! I haven’t been on dating apps for a while, but being on social media and posting yourself, in general, can sometimes be just as nerve-wracking! Between unwanted opinions and unwanted, weird compliments, it’s definitely an experience. Let’s have a Lil chit chat and let me know what you guys think!! Should I continue the TikTok’s? Do y’all prefer written posts over video? These are the questions I would love to be answered LOL. Enjoy!

Halloween 2021 Photos 🖤

Hey y’all! How was your Halloween? Mine was a blast! Enjoy these pictures of my Godsister & myself in our costumes!

Details: DOLLS KILL (Trickz N’ Treatz) – PEP SQUAD CHEERLEADER COSTUME – $42.00

Let’s Chat About Sizeism

A health hazard to the plus community & a big part of social society

Hey y’all, Happy Hump Day! Hope everyone had an amazing Wednesday! I’ve just been gearing up for Halloween this weekend and making sure I’ve done all my work and homework for the week. 

So today’s topic will be “Sizeism”

What do you think of when you hear that word? To start, I wanted to go ahead and explain first what sizeism is, and then how it correlates with the plus community. 

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, Sizeism is the discrimination or prejudice directed against people because of their size and especially because of their weight. Now, we all know sexism, and we know racism, but focusing on sizeism is a rarity and has a new face called “fat-phobia”. Sizeism and stereotypes of people within the plus community can have a negative impact on their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is one thing to deliver some advice to someone because you care about their health and want them to be the best version of themselves, but it’s another thing to treat them disrespectfully and “fat shame” or “body shame” them. It is hurtful, stressful, and actually causes people to slip into depression and even anxiety. 

So now let’s talk about the more known phrase in place of sizeism & that would be “fat-shaming” Fat shaming is self-explanatory but in case you didn’t know, it’s the blatant disrespect and scolding of a bigger person, usually coming from a person who is deemed “skinny” or “average” to put it plainly, even though men have been the leading fat -shamers on social media (Saving that tea for a different time 👀). Fat shaming is stitched into the fabric that is “American culture”. It’s everywhere from the workplace to the playground. Embedded in our everyday lives and honestly, we often don’t recognize when we’re even perpetuating fat-phobia. For some, they just tend to naturally spew it. Reminds me of how some people say they aren’t trans-phobic, but still, misgender out of spite or just to be “funny”, when I believe that if someone called them by their wrong race, name, or gender, they’d have an issue about it, but that’s a topic for another time chile 😗. 

Getting back on track, Did y’all know that Michigan is the only state that has passed a law that forbids employers from penalizing bigger people in the workplace? A little fun fact for you, but the reality is, that means in 49 states out of the 50, people can be fired because of how their body looks and how much they weigh. Think of it as bigger people having their very own “glass ceiling” if you will. Denied promotions, raises, acknowledgments, all because you weigh 240, whew chile, the ghetto LOL.

As children, we were taught the golden rule of treating others how we’d like to be treated. (I know y’all remember that one) so while we know that bigger people are stigmatized in almost every area of their lives, it holds a different weight when it starts to affect how our healthcare and medical providers interact with us as well. This isn’t like fashion & media, oh no babes, this is LIFE. Dr. Lila Graue told Healthline that doctors often “fail to provide adequate and timely diagnosis and treatment due to assumptions that affect patients along the “full weight” spectrum.” This bias is deadly and quite frankly terrifying. Especially coming from someone who is supposed to be helping you. 

It’s difficult enough to be deemed unhealthy and slothful. So make sure that despite the odds against you, you stay true to yourself! There’s an entire history of people who have fought and protested to seize sizeism and yet it is still rampant in society today! All we can do is keep educating and hoping people will stop and listen. All bodies are good bodies and are worth being here. I just wanted to share with y’all that this is in more areas of life than just fashion, beauty, and social media. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Wednesday’s (11/3) Topic will be about Dating as a plus-size woman part 2 & this time…In the form of a VIDEO 🎥 You definitely don’t wanna miss that!

Plus-Size Halloween Costumes for 2021 👻

Halloween is literally right around the corner! I’ve been super busy all month, so unfortunately I will be recycling my costume 🥴 but, that doesn’t mean y’all have to! Here are some cute last-minute costumes that are fit for whatever occasion (All costumes come with expedited shipping to get your costume before Halloween!) Happy Spooking!

1. DOLLS KILL (Trickz N Treatz) – Shiny Queen Plastic Costume Set – $60.00

Description: Trickz N’ Treatz Shiny Queen Plastic Costume Set

“So you agree, you think you’re really pretty?” You’re the queen of the plastics in this plaid costume set that has a blazer, a button-up crop tank, a matching pleated mini skirt, and a headband.


2. UNIQUE VINTAGE – Beetlejuice x Unique Vintage Plus Size Black & White Stripe Peplum Maitland Blazer – $48.99

Description: Steer them in the right direction, gals! Make them tremble in your presence with the plus-size Maitland Blazer from Unique Vintage in collaboration with Beetlejuice, crafted in a fabulous stretch blend with black and white stripes throughout. The solid black waistband is cinched in the front with a button while the wide and notched black lapel provides room for your favorite brooch. Outfitted with slender long sleeves, silky purple lining, a feminine peplum flounce, and an enamel sandworm brooch that will get them to jump in line!

Available in sizes XS-5X while supplies last.


3. HALLOWEENCOSTUMES.COM – Adult Coraline Plus Size Costume – $59.99-$109.99

Description: Y’all this is my absolute favorite movie! this costume is super simple to assemble. Start by tossing on the bright yellow moisture-resistant hooded jacket and you’ll look ready to weather any storm that comes your way while in the Other World. A set of yellow boot covers to match your jacket will be the first addition to the ensemble or if you can actually find yellow rain boots, even better. Finally, you can top off this outfit with the cute blue wig with an included dragonfly hairpin.


4. HALLOWEENCOSTUMES.COM – Women’s Plus Size Beetle Bride Costume – $74.99

Description: While the ghoulish wedding might have been a bit of a disaster, we still love the bride’s look. This rendition has a fitted top with eighties-style lace ruffled around the shoulders and down the back. The skirt has tiers of tulle adding to the dramatic look. Topped off with the red veil attached to a comb for easy styling.

This costume always makes for an iconic Halloween fit (Word to Winona Ryder!) 🗣


5. DOLLS KILL (Trickz N Treatz) – Divine Mushroom Garden Costume Set – $48.00

Description: Trickz N’ Treatz Mushroom Garden Costume Set

Take ‘em to a trippy wonderland, babe! This mushroom costume set has a floral print mini dress with 3D flower appliques and a matching beret. Bag is sold separately, but just look at it! It completes the look! It can be found on the DOLLS KILL website as well.


The History of the Plus-Size Woman

Have you ever thought about where the term “plus-size” even came from? Let’s talk about it…

Before the fashion industry was created in the late 1800s, women & men would make their own clothes for their exact shape. Thanks to the progression of industrial growth, mass manufacturing took over the job and began making our clothes. The term “plus-size” was first found in a Lane Bryant ad in the late 1920s. However, the term did not stick & became commonly used later on in the 1940s-50s. Around this time, the National Bureau of Home Economics conducted the first-ever large-scale scientific study of women’s body measurements in 1939.

It became extremely expensive for clothing manufacturers and businesses to not have a solid standardized sizing method. So, the National Bureau of Standards was asked to provide sizing standards for the industry. By utilizing the sizing data & measurements obtained from their study of over 21,000 women, the sizing designations became a combination of a number that represented the bust size, letters that represented height, and a symbol to indicate hip girth.

(T) Tall(-) Slender
(R) Regular(No Symbol) Average
(S) Short(+) Full
Based on measurements of American Women

Over the course of time, women who were classified as above average in size were subject to labels based on their appearance. In the 20s, it was ‘stout’, and later it passed through many other terms, such as ‘regal,’ ‘chubby,’ ‘chunky,’ and ‘full-figured.’ Today, some of these terms are offensive to us, yet at the time they were considered to be inclusive and appeared prominently in ads for clothing and fashion columns as acceptable terms.

Terms to describe our size went through a grueling cycle. From approval & satisfaction, to neutrality, then years later, a shift towards unrest that triggered discourse and outrage. Today, plus-size bodies are much more accepting and inclusive, but we still deal with the ideology of labels. From BBW to Curvy, it’s hard to decipher which terms are truly “accepted”. I’ve heard of terms such as ‘balanced’ & ‘comely’ being some favorites for many full-figured women & there are still terms from long ago that we still use today!

A concrete, universal definition of what size is plus size would help women know what to look for when shopping, as would standardized clothing sizes across global stores. If we can achieve that, the plus-size movement would have plus points for all.


New Updates For PLUS PASSION 💻

Things are changing for the better!

You can now SHARE, LIKE, AND COMMENT on Blog Posts!

Hey y’all 🤍

How’s your week been so far? Mine has been great! Brainstorming content for you guys and working on my degree has been the highlight of my days. My aunts in town, so I’ve been hanging out with some family. We had an amazing conversation about my platform and what has shaped me into the woman that I am today & how I’ve taken my experiences and opportunities and put forth the knowledge and effort to create this blog for you guys. This post is just to show my appreciation & to give you guys some updates on what’s happening on the PLUS PASSION site.

Firstly, shoutout to my mom and dad! I have immense gratitude and respect for my mother & father who are absolutely amazing and have always taken their role as parents VERY seriously. From Karate to Singing to Soccer to Pageants, they have let me express myself and dip my toe into every hobby in existence. I didn’t just pull all of this confidence and creativity out of the sky y’all. The seeds my family & friends have sown within me through the years, have allowed me to produce the best content I can for y’all. They provided me with the tools and nurtured my curiosity and imagination by letting me explore activities to find what I love and what makes me tick. I just wanted to let that be known because people always show their audience the end result of their success, but never really touch on the journey it took to get there.

Speaking of which…Plus Passion will now be expanding! Blog posts will now be written, audio, or video posts! Isn’t that cool? You’ll be able to really hear & engage with me. I’m ready for the real conversations and discussions! Also, I will be doing personalized advice via social media & email, coming soon. I wanted to create a safe space for women and for y’all to be able to just ask questions and just simply have someone to talk to. I’m no expert, but I am a great listener & I have experience in being a woman, because duh LOL I can’t wait to share upcoming content, services, and features with my PLUS PASSION family!

  • If you would like to submit testimonials or comments about how PLUS PASSION has helped you in anyway or just to show support, PLEASE EMAIL:

The Trials & Tribulations of Dating While Plus-size

People are embarrassed to admit they’re interested in a plus-size person.

Let’s get real honest here. In 2021, It’s extremely hard to find people who want anything meaningful. Between dating apps & societal standards, people see each other as disposable or “not real” because you’re chatting through a screen rather than in-person & COVID ain’t make it no better! I’ve been waiting to talk about this topic y’all, so let’s not waste any time!

Dating as a plus-size, black woman in her early 20s, I’ve been exposed to some pretty “interesting” men and been on some bizarre, traumatizing dates. I’m not the most extroverted woman & I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety, so I’ve always been the type to engage in dating apps, I love my space and my comfort. Instead of going out and meeting men at a bar or club, I would use Tinder, Hinge, BLK, etc. This way I can be in my comfort zone. It’s convenient and it allowed me to “Swipe Left” without dealing with the wrath of a butthurt ass stranger. So, talking to these men & getting to know them (if it even got that far) I came up with a conclusion. Dating is uncomfortable and stormy regardless of your body type, but I had noticed a few common themes in my relationships/situationships that seem to correlate with being a plus-size woman and a black woman as well. From fetishes to fantasies, I have witnessed it all. Let’s start with the good, you have the men that completely accept you, rolls, flab, fat, and all, and are genuinely in it with you, FOR YOU. You guys have a genuine connection emotionally, physically, and spiritually & you live happily ever after, which is what I hope for all my women out there! But now, let’s get into the real, you have the men who seem interested, but then randomly ghost you, you have the men that either have a fetish or fantasy when it comes to your body and race, or they confuse their lust and hypersexuality for a genuine connection.

Most of the time I wonder if it’s because of my size and race they’ll assume that I’m good enough to fuck but not date or be seen out in public.

u/Calm_Brilliant_9236 – REDDIT

Let me get into a little story time with y’all, growing up, I’ve always been chunky. I’ve always weighed more than some of my friends and family & which would hinder my self-esteem and confidence. Boys I met at school would text me on Snapchat or Kik & say they liked me and thought I was beautiful, but when the night was over and I would see them at school the next morning, GIRL you would’ve thought I had the bubonic plague the way they would avoid me! I didn’t quite understand what the problem really was till about 10th grade. I had become friends with the new boy at school and had developed a crush on him which seemed to be some reciprocated energy on his end as well 👀 He would talk to me all night over the phone, but at school, he would be MIA. I would see him talking to other girls, but they looked VERY different from me & when he was by himself and saw me coming? he’d walk the other direction sometimes! so what was the issue??? I had finally confronted him about his actions and although he seemed to like me, he put it plain & simple. “You cool and pretty, but you a big girl, and I just can’t be seen with you. It’s not good for my image”.

Y’all…I let this shit really break me. I was embarrassed, hurt, frustrated, and my confidence was depleted. I bounced back better, but that feeling of rejection because of how you look is never a good one. Back to the point of all this, even at this big age we are at, THIS SITUATION IS MORE COMMON THAN YOU THINK. Men will love a plus-size woman DOWN in private, but in the face of his homies?? the SHAME is just too much for them to bear & my one question is who THE FUCK (excuse my French, but not really.) cares? Why do we care so much about the physical preferences of others? People are going to like what they like and that’s just that on that, babes. Blame European beauty standards, Fatphobia, and body shaming, because that’s the REAL pandemic.

Anyways, this post has mostly been me venting. I know I’m not the only one who deals with this or feels this way, so I had to share my thoughts and experiences on my platform. The point I’m trying to make in all this is that dating while fat & black is hard and weird. I’ve gotten everything from “I’ve never been with a big girl before, and I really want to try it” (my body isn’t something you can just add to your bucket list, sir) to “Can I use your stomach as a pillow?” & the worst part is that when I first started dating, I looked at these as compliments. As a community, we have to demand respect and want better for ourselves ladies, and to the men, get ya head outta ya ass and start putting some respect on our name! Plus-size women are made to feel like they’re lucky to have someone be interested in them, so we overlook potential red flags out of fear of rejection. I’M OVER IT.

I’m not making plus-size dating seem very fun, and I’ll be the first to admit that I have a lot of trust issues & paranoia to work through over past relationships in relation to my body image, but I just had to be honest with y’all. It’s not always marshmallows and rainbows. Sometimes we do find a man worthy of our love and affection, but to get there, you gotta weed through the garbage just like everyone else. This is only my experience, and part of being confident and strong is knowing that there are mature, adult people out there who won’t treat you like a “cross that off the list” experience. I pray that any woman or man reading this finds someone who genuinely loves ALL of them. Every aspect. Flaws & all. It’s cliche, but it’s real!

Love y’all 🤍