Hello loves! Welcome to the beautiful world of PLUS PASSION. This blogsite was made to empower, inform, and encourage the plus-size community and to be able to learn, understand, and connect to one another. This site is a safe space. Educating others and immersing them into the experience of what it’s like to be a plus-size woman in society.

Before we deep dive into who I am, I just first want to thank the reader for visiting my site, you could’ve skipped over me and passed me by, so for that, I thank you.

My name is Taylor York and I am the creator of PLUS PASSION. (That’s me up there in the pictures, lol) I am 23-years-old and I was born in Los Angeles, CA but currently reside in Atlanta, GA. I currently attend Full Sail University, obtaining my BA in Media Communications. I currently work as a Freelance Content Creator & recently got accepted into my school’s Master’s Program for the year 2022! Hoping to secure a stable job as a Social Media Manager or Full-time Content Creator.

So, why did I feel the need to start this blog? The short answer would be God put it on my heart & I don’t ignore the voice of God, but to be completely transparent, I wasn’t even thinking about this blog until I started taking my New Media Tools class. My teacher gave us the assignment to start a blog last week and challenged us to make it about something that we are passionate about. I was excited because who wouldn’t want to talk about something they love? but I was hesitant, I had no clue what to talk about or how to even go about starting my own blog. Thankfully, she provided resources and with the point of our blog being about our “passions”, I had no choice but to dig deep and pray on this because something told me it was going to be BIG y’all (something being God of course). I genuinely had no idea what my passion even was.

Now, a little short storytime, stay with me. For the past year or so, with everything that has been going on in this world, I had become extremely unmotivated, feeling stuck, and just frustrated with myself. Seeing my friends & peers graduating before me, seeing them get opportunities that fit their life plan perfectly, and just simply, progressing and growing. I was feeling insecure & stagnant. This was a feeling I learned to know too well. I was in school & work, but since I didn’t take college seriously straight out of high school, I felt like I was being left behind. So, I made a goal the day before my 23rd birthday, THIS. YEAR. WILL. BE. DIFFERENT. I would achieve whatever goals I had set for myself and honor every blessing that God was gracious enough to send my way. I’ve always been outspoken, but never felt completely free. Well, now I am. I’m ready to share my experiences with y’all! The good, bad, and in between. I want to be relatable! & let you guys into this life of a 23-year-old, plus-size, black young woman living her best life (or at least trying!)

This blog is for thoughts, stories, feelings, and advice. Feel free to send me topics, experiences, and ANY advice, tips & tricks that you would like to hear about. Maybe you just wanna talk, I am HERE for y’all. Please don’t hesitate. My passion is PLUS and that’s on PERIODT!


Taylor York A.K.A TaySlay 🤍

Special Thanks: I just also wanted to S/O my family & friends for always believing in me and telling me that I could do this years ago. I wasn’t sure of myself then, but you all knew I could do it. I’m so grateful for you all & love you deeply.

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