Hey, y’all! It’s finally 2022! Chile, where has the time gone? I honestly can’t even believe it. 2021 was definitely a year of many ups & downs for myself and for all of us as well. Plus Passion was born & it was honestly my most prized accomplishment of the year because we can only go up from here! New, CONSISTENT, content coming soon & more YT videos OTW. I’m going to start transferring my content on this site into video topics. I will still post them here for you guys to read, but I’m just going to start going more in-depth on my YT and making my posts shorter on here. I also want to hear from y’all more this year! I have comments enabled on my site for a reason, I want to hear from y’all on how to improve the content, what days I should post, what topics you guys want me to highlight, etc. I wanna give the people what they want! LOL Constructive feedback is SO welcomed! I hope everyone is enjoying the first few days of the new year! I’ll check back in with y’all on Thursday & announce when the next video will be released and what days I’ll be posting on Youtube & more!

Much Love 🤍

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