Friday Mood 🌿🀍

Since I’m currently in school obtaining my Bachelors & I major in Media Communications, I wanted to let you guys in on my journey a bit! Every chance I get, I try to incorporate PLUS PASSION into an assignment now! LOL. This week’s assignment was based on studying the difference between Visceral, Behavioral, & Reflective Design and how they work together to create the most eye-catching imagery in the media.

Visceral Design: Calls upon our instinctive reactions toward social status, sex appeal, danger avoidance, and fundamental survival needs.

Behavioral Design: Addresses our immediate practical needs, focusing on innovative features, ease of use, and “must-have qualities” of a product.

Reflective Design: Calls upon rational thought and cultural standards in order to emphasize long-term benefits.

A portion of our assignment was to create a mood board that would appeal to all aspects of design and create and pull images that will invoke emotion. I decided a make my board about my ideas and content for PLUS PASSION. The way I want to expand & how it makes me feel when I share things with you guys. I can’t wait for y’all to see what’s to come! It’s going to be amazing!

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Keli James

Love the content!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’“πŸ”₯πŸ’―