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I decided to make today’s post into more of a discussion. I’m posting a couple of questions & I want to hear y’all’s opinions and what y’all think! I speak my mind, my opinions, and my truth ALWAYS, but in order for me to be fully engaged, I need to hear from my audience. So, here it goes!

What plus size topics do you think need more coverage in the media? Whether it be social media, television, magazines, radio, etc. & In the US, more specifically? Explain.

Do you think there is a loud enough voice for plus size men in the media & in society in general? Why or why not?

I want to hear opinions & debate so that I can respond for Thursday’s blog post and open up conversation!! 🤍

SN: I will be doing a mukbang with some friends on Saturday & it will be posted next week on the PLUS PASSION site 👀 Follow me on IG: @pluspassiont or my main page @tayslayway to send in questions you’d like to have answered about anything! It can be questions for me & about me, for advice, for my friends, for anything y’all! seriously! Let’s chat and eat it up! LOL 🍱

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