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Hey y’all 🤍

How’s your week been so far? Mine has been great! Brainstorming content for you guys and working on my degree has been the highlight of my days. My aunts in town, so I’ve been hanging out with some family. We had an amazing conversation about my platform and what has shaped me into the woman that I am today & how I’ve taken my experiences and opportunities and put forth the knowledge and effort to create this blog for you guys. This post is just to show my appreciation & to give you guys some updates on what’s happening on the PLUS PASSION site.

Firstly, shoutout to my mom and dad! I have immense gratitude and respect for my mother & father who are absolutely amazing and have always taken their role as parents VERY seriously. From Karate to Singing to Soccer to Pageants, they have let me express myself and dip my toe into every hobby in existence. I didn’t just pull all of this confidence and creativity out of the sky y’all. The seeds my family & friends have sown within me through the years, have allowed me to produce the best content I can for y’all. They provided me with the tools and nurtured my curiosity and imagination by letting me explore activities to find what I love and what makes me tick. I just wanted to let that be known because people always show their audience the end result of their success, but never really touch on the journey it took to get there.

Speaking of which…Plus Passion will now be expanding! Blog posts will now be written, audio, or video posts! Isn’t that cool? You’ll be able to really hear & engage with me. I’m ready for the real conversations and discussions! Also, I will be doing personalized advice via social media & email, coming soon. I wanted to create a safe space for women and for y’all to be able to just ask questions and just simply have someone to talk to. I’m no expert, but I am a great listener & I have experience in being a woman, because duh LOL I can’t wait to share upcoming content, services, and features with my PLUS PASSION family!

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