Plus-size Models/Influencers that YOU should know & that I admire! 💅🏾

Everyone has someone or people that they look up to or that inspires them. So, I wanted to take a moment to shoutout the women who inspired me to do this blog in the first place, and have shaped my perspective and outlook on being a plus woman.

  1. Lauren Nicole

Lauren is one of my favorite plus-size influencers/models and is a FASHION KILLA! She is a true inspiration because she’s relatable and transparent with her experiences as not only being plus, but as black woman in society as well. Lauren suffered from body dysmorphia years ago, but after being scouted on Instagram, she quickly found herself modeling for the very first time. Her strength and drive is admirable and I love how she uses her platform!

INSTAGRAM: @laurennicolefk

2. Tabria Majors

Talk about breaking down barriers! THE plus-size model, Tabria Majors, is a HUGE inspiration to me & is really the reason why I began to take my Instagram pictures to the next level. Her work ethic and production mastermind are what really set her apart. I aspire to be as motivated and goal-driven as she is because she gets thing DONE, okay? BOOKED & BUSY!

INSTAGRAM: @tabriamajors

3. Precious Lee

Precious Lee has solidified herself as a force in the entertainment and fashion/beauty industry. She recently made history as the FIRST African American curve model to walk in Versace’s spring 2021 show. Y’all hear that? FIRST! as in #1! TOP 2 AND NOT 2. She brings a fierce energy to the table and is a self-love advocate, she carries triumphs that the girlies could only dream about! Love her!

INSTAGRAM: @preciousleexoxo

4. Jazzmyne Jay

Literally the badass of all BADASSES. Apart from being a plus-size model, Jazzmyne is an LGBTQ+ advocate and uses her platform to promote body positivity and to empower women, women of color and the queer community. As a heterosexual ally, Jazzmyne inspires me to be authentic and remain unapologetic for being ME. Her unique public image is extremely admirable and her attitude just gives IDGAF & I love it. #Respectfully

INSTAGRAM: @jazzmynejay

Who are some of you guys’ inspirations? 💞

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