Who I am & What's my purpose

Who is the creator of PLUS PASSION? 👀

Welcome to my first blog post y’all! I am super excited to take this step into the world of blogging and I hope that my content is enjoyable, relatable, and most importantly, INSPIRATIONAL!

My name is Taylor York, but nickname is Tay Slay 💅🏾

A little bit about me:

  • I am from Los Angeles, but currently reside in Atlanta, GA
  • I am 23 years old & my birthday is July 10th (Cancer Club! ♋️)
  • I am currently enrolled in school and my job is being a Social Media Manager

My passion for beauty truly blossomed at the end of my high school career. I was 17, and I was going to a Music Academy in LA, my main focus was just being able to find opportunities to sing and making sure I graduated. I would get compliments on my makeup and how I’d change my hair all the time, but I didn’t truly think anything of it till I was approached by a modeling agent on a Saturday on Rodeo Drive. I vividly remember her saying that I had a beautiful face, but in order to break out into the world of modeling, even in plus modeling, I needed to lose weight. I was a bit confused considering I was a size 14 at the time and that was a sweet spot for plus models, but she said a 12 or 8 would make me more marketable. This stuck with me for weeks. I wasn’t a huge fan of exercising (besides P.E. and ROTC) and eating healthy was just something I couldn’t afford on my own. My parents would cook light & fresh meals, but at school? it was a whole junk food fest! I finally sat myself down and set up goals of how I would market myself being just simply who I was. I would still try to lose weight, but that wasn’t my main priority, I was going to invest in my skincare, makeup, hair, and clothes because bodies don’t change overnight, so why not just be the most beautiful you and take pride in the creation?

Hygiene and taking care of yourself as a bigger woman is MANDATORY. There are already so many tropes and stereotypes around plus-size women and my mission is to debunk every single one. We are no different than average or skinny women. Our curves, dips, rolls, and ridges are the most beautiful parts of us. Being bigger does not automatically resort to us being UNHEALTHY! Lizzo is a vegan and works out like 5 days a week & Ashley Graham has the best skin I’ve ever seen, the proof is in the low-cal pudding babes!

I want this blog to be about the real experience of the plus life, honestly the nitty-gritty. It will sometimes expand past the simple lifestyle & Hygenic beauty aspect. I want to talk about dating, cultural differences, health, ya know? the hard-to-swallow type pills. I hope y’all are ready for me because I’m ready for you. ❤️


Mainstream media has always defined beauty by the number on the scale or the inches of a tape measure. Beauty has always been limited to such a small box

Alexandria Sundstrom – “Chubby Struggles” Blogger

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