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Can I get into something real quick? Let’s talk about the negative connotation that the word “BIG” has for the plus-size community.


When I think about the word “BIG”, there is a possibility that many plus women could view it as a negative connotation. I know, it’s not the best word, but SIS! hear me out. I want us to be able to flip that shit & make it into a positive as Lizzo did with “Watch Out For the Big GRRRLS”. I want us to take the power out of that little 3 letter word, and put it back into ourselves. This word has so many meanings.

“BIG” as in growing up, adulting. Being 23 sometimes feels like a “too young for this and too old for that” type of situation, so I want the women around my age to learn to slay as they grow into the best version of themselves and be big on that growth. “BIG” as in impact. Change the way people see plus women! Change a negative mindset into a positive, no matter the situation! Slay in your purpose in order to help someone in theirs. “BIG” as in LIFE! Y’all we only live one amazing, beautiful life. You don’t have a choice but to slay it! Be the best YOU, you can be. and finally, “BIG” as in Bold. Being bold as a plus-size woman is so important. They expect us to be meek and insecure. NO MORE! My mission is to encourage, uplift, and inform my “big” sisters to be as bold and fearless as they can be. They can do anything that any other woman can do & accomplish anything that any other woman can accomplish. AND THAT’S ON PERIODT!


“Plus Passion is the reason I have confidence within & I feel good wearing whatever the f*** I want.” – A BAD B****

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